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 Aquaklear of Illinois

Your best choice for NSF 350 and NSF 40 Onsite Wastewater Treatment

Calm Lake

Elevate Your Business with High-Quality, Affordable AquaKlear Septic Tanks

Sailing on Sea

Revolutionize Installations: Quick, No-Fuss AquaKlear Systems Save Time & Money

Aerial View of Lake

AquaKlear's Compact Design: The Perfect Fit for Any Illinois Home, Big or Small

Turn every project into a success story with the fast, efficient, and dependable AquaKlear septic solutions.

Advanced Treatment

  • NSF Certified to Exceed Standards

    • "Trust in AquaKlear's NSF Certified systems, proven to reduce nutrients and solids by more than 98.8%, surpassing stringent environmental standards.

Compact Design

  • All-in-One Compact Design

    • "Experience unparalleled ease and efficiency with AquaKlear's compact, all-in-one design, making septic installations seamless in any space.

Maintenance - Free

  • Maintenance-Free with No Internal Moving Parts

    • "Enjoy peace of mind with AquaKlear's maintenance-free systems, designed without internal moving parts for easy, hassle-free upkeep."

Why Choose Aquaklear of Illinois?

  • Discover the AquaKlear difference: septic installations so simple, they're completed in half the time.

  • Compact design, less to dig, saves space, time and money.

  • No large unsightly filtration components

  • Requires minimal maintenance 

  • No membranes to remove and clean

  • Saves on energy ; no recirculating tanks or timed dosings

  • Certified NSF 350 for water reuse 

  • With AquaKlear's preassembled design, you're not just installing a septic system; you're investing in peace of mind.

  • Treats 1-10 bedroom houses models range from 500-1500 gallons per day


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